What is the Foundation?
Our Mission:
The Tony Finau Foundation is built on a family discovered experience through the game of golf. It aims to empower and inspire youth and their families to discover, develop, and achieve the best of their gifts and talents through the game of golf, educational funding, and core family values.

Our Ultimate Goal: The Tony Finau Foundation goals include obtaining charitable funds to offer scholarships, mentoring youth and families with the values and life lessons of golf and the building of an interactive learning facility. This inclusive learning facility, scholarship offering, and mentoring will foster and educate underprivileged youth and their families. It will help support the bond amongst families by pushing them to discover their gifts and talents on the way to reaching their overall potential.

Goals for 2021: Service the communities surrounding us by meeting them at their level and addressing their needs head on.  Given the current economic climate, our hope is that we can relieve day-to-day pressures for families in need and provide them with the basic essentials (food, hygiene, financial resources) to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.  If you would like to contribute to our ongoing projects, please visit the donation page. 

Who is Tony Finau?

  • Tony is a member of the PGA TOUR. After six successful years on the PGA TOUR, he’s excited to utilize that momentum and accomplish even more in year seven.

How can you help us with our mission?

  • Sponsor our annual golf events
  • Donate monetary gifts or goods
  • Work with our event coordinator and team to service the communities
  • Help foster the most important fabric of our society, families
Tony Finau